80th Anniversary Event on Hangul Day

2023 marks 80th anniversary of teaching Korean at UC Berkeley and we would like to commemorate and celebrate the significance of this milestone by bringing together the parties concerned, including the Korean learners at Berkeley, at our Hangul Day (Oct. 9th) event: “Legacy and Progress: Celebrating 80 Years of Korean Language Program at UC Berkeley”.  Hangul-nal (lit. “Korean Alphabet Day”) is a Korean national commemorative day that celebrates the invention and proclamation of Hangul by the 15th century King Sejong the Great.  By holding Berkeley KLP’s 80th anniversary event on Hangul Day our goal is to deepen the significance of the program and promote the further development of Korean language and culture on our campus. This event will serve as a platform for advancing KLP and Korean studies, and we also hope to emphasize the necessity of establishing a Korean major in the department. We believe that celebrating our legacy, acknowledging the present, and looking ahead to the future will fortify the foundation upon which the KLP and Korean studies at Berkeley will grow and flourish into the future.

You can check this all day event program with exciting contests information here.